Emma’s First Super Bowl

Nurses came in to check on both of us and to have me feed you every two hours all night and day. But both you and I looked great. We continued resting up Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon everyone came back over to see you again. Grandma and Grandpa brought pizza and some beers, and we all watched the game together. I was so happy to have them here to meet you and to help us; they are so excited to be a part of your life.

Also today a nurse came in and offered to give you a sponge bath. We accepted the offer and were intrigued by the fancy contraption they had to keep you warm after you were bathed. You seemed unsure about whether you liked the bath or not, but you loved the warming bed they laid you in after. If only we could get one of those for home.

Content in warming bed after hospital sponge bath

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