Tutu Tuesday

Of course everyone is so happy you are here, but I don’t know if anyone was more happy that you were a little girl than your papa, nana and me. Over the past several months your papa has been telling your nana all about the things they’ll do with you, their ‘granddaughter’. He was just certain you would be a girl. I’d secretly been hoping you were a girl, but I really had no intuition before you were born of what sex you’d be.

Now that you’re here, and after months of gender-neutral decorating and clothes buying, we are ready to fully embrace all things ‘girl-ish’. Your nana decided to make you a tutu and matching headband, and they are adorable. We had so much fun dressing you up today and taking pictures. Thankfully you obliged our desires for dress-up, and seemed quite happy to play along. I imagine this was just the first of many dress-up sessions we will have; I can’t wait for all of the fun to come!

A tiny ballerina

Also recently we received some really fun and girly gifts from your Aunt Nancy, Uncle Denny and cousins Kim and Ali. They sent you dresses, a purple fleece jacket, pink Cardinals gear (your dad’s favorite), pink Converse (my favorite, tied with…), a pink Adidas track suit, and an abundance of other amazing gear. They love you so much already and have been doing a great job of spoiling you.

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