A New Friend

A friend of mine from grad school, Eric, and his wife had a baby about four weeks before you were due. Jeff and I went over to their house to bring them dinner and to meet her when she was two weeks old. I remember thinking she was so little and that they seemed so overwhelmed with their new little one. Well Eric and their daughter, Freja, came over yesterday to meet you. Although just four weeks older then you, she seemed huge. Her head seemed ginormous compared to yours. It’s funny that now, developmentally, four weeks seems like an eternity of difference. Heck, she is about doubly as old as you are. But of course as you get older you will find that days and weeks, even months and years, of age difference do not matter when friends are concerned.

Anyway, that four weeks of extra time that they’ve had parenting Freja really does make them experts in our eyes in some matters. They have cloth diapering figured out, having tried many different brands and types. He brought over a bunch to show me and we had show and tell with their diapers and with yours, sharing with each other the merits of the ones we liked best. Who knew that someday we’d be discussing in so much detail cloth diapers with each other, rather than complex topics from school!

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