First Day in a Dress…and Jeggings (?)

Well today was yet another beautiful day, and I was excited to dress you in one of the cute dresses I’d bought after you arrived. Today was the first day you’ve worn a dress. This outfit is very fun, especially since it came with jeggings (you know, jeans/leggings/leggings that look like jeans). You were so cute in your outfit!

My first day wearing a dress

Chatting with mama about my dress

We had another ‘first’ today – our first walk with the dogs, sans dad. This is a milestone your dad was a bit hesitant about, since your furry brothers can be a little bit (or sometimes a lot bit) hard to handle on walks. But I feel so bad going on all of these walks without them, and so I figured we should give it a try. Before we left I told them they better behave or we wouldn’t be taking them again, and they did great!

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