A Very Social Day

Today we went on a walk with Jane and her baby, Isabelle. Isabelle was born 5 days after you. They live right down the street from us and so it’s fun to be able to get together with them so easily and chat about everything we’re going through with our new little ones. We each ‘wore’ you guys and we did the same walk your dad and I did on Saturday. It takes about an hour, and I discovered that at least while you’re this little, it is much easier to carry you than to push you in your stroller. You’d been having a very fussy day, but you were content and even slept on the walk. In fact, when we got home I decided to just keep you in the wrap. You seemed really happy in there, and then my hands were freed up to catch up on email and pick up around the house.

This afternoon Lauren and her little girl, Eleanor, came to visit. Eleanor is 8 months old and so cute and fun. She and her parents were here last fall for a dinner party, and actually she did a trial run in your nursery at that time, using the changing table and breaking in the rocker. Lauren was excited to meet you and we had lots of fun watching Eleanor crawl and climb all over the place. It’s hard to believe that in about 7 months you’ll be that alert, social, and mobile. Lauren also brought your dad and I some yummy food for dinner, and some beers; it was so great to have a meal brought for us and to not have to worry about dinner for a day.

After everyone left it was still really warm out and you were quite alert, so we decided to go lay on a blanket out front. You enjoyed looking around and you also did some tummy time. I’m so excited for the weather to warm up and to get to spend more time with you outside.

Loving the warm weather; thanks for my blanket Aunt Jen!

Tummy time (and about to kick myself over onto my back)

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