Errand Running

Today was pretty uneventful, filled mostly with errand running. I do believe we found the elusive, appropriately-sized sun hat. I’ve been having a hard time finding hats small enough to fit you right now, and we really need a sun hat for our walks, snowshoeing, soccer, etc. Everything at Gymboree was a little too frilly and girly for me, but they all fit you and so I tried to pick the least flowery one of all. You’ll model it soon in a picture on the blog once we have a nice, warm day.

You were so cute in your elephant hat that apparently people had a hard time resisting touching you. One lady sort of tickled your belly, which didn’t annoy me as much as the sales lady touching your hands and fingers. I was frantic the rest of our time out thinking about all the germs that must be on her hands from handling money and dealing with people all day long, and I kept trying to keep your hands out of your mouth (impossible). I washed your hands the minute we got home. I need to find a polite way to tell people to keep their hands off!

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