Adventures in Logistics Planning

Of course we knew life would be different after you arrived. We realized that our activities would be altered by a need to bring you with us or to arrange for childcare. We were excited though by the prospect of engaging you in the things that we love most – skiing, hiking, soccer, etc. However, we’re quickly learning how complicated the logistics can be when a little one is involved.

We’ve been so lucky to have my parents around to help us out so far, and we’ve taken advantage of their willingness to watch you on many occasions. However, we cannot utilize them every single time we want to do something, and also, unfortunately, they’re back in NV for a couple weeks, packing up their house for their big move out here. So, today we had a few adventures with challenging logistics.

First, the cleaners came the minute we got home from milk club. I had delayed our return as long as I could, hoping that they’d be done by the time we got here. But we did not succeed. Since there is no place we can go in the house to get out of their way while they’re cleaning, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. However, we kept circling around to check if they were gone, and after three stroll-bys, we gave up and went to sit at the park. Thankfully it was a nice day and you were in a sleepy mood, but roaming around the neighborhood for over an hour wasn’t how I’d planned to spend our afternoon.

Hanging out at the park

Then tonight we had an indoor soccer game. I had only planned to play part-time this season, whenever your grandparents could watch you or when there were plenty of guys and Jeff could sit out and be with you. However, one of the women on our team got injured over the weekend, and they needed another player. So both your dad and I were needed for the game tonight. Luckily you were in a deep sleep at game time, and we were able to bring you comfortably tucked into your car seat and you slept the whole time. Your dad and I would sit with you whenever we weren’t on the field, and when we were playing our teammates would sit with you. It was so nice of everyone to be with you – they were so nice and supportive – but it was a little bit crazy. If you had woken up, or been fussy or hungry, it would’ve been much more complicated. This isn’t a strategy we can deploy often. For now you’ve been a great trouper as we’ve lugged you around, but soon you’ll be awake more often, more mobile, and we’ll need to make sure that we’re putting you in the best situations for what you need.

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