Getting Big, But Still Pretty Little

You’ve been progressively getting bigger, and we’ve been going to breastfeeding club every week or so to get your weight. Today the lady on my right had a five-day old, and the lady on my left had a baby that is a week and a half old. They looked so tiny compared to you. I feel like you’ve lost that teeny, squishy newborn look. Although you have been putting on weight you’re still on the small side, as measured in percentiles. We go for your two month check up in a couple weeks, so we’ll get some feedback then about your weight gain and size. But until then I’ll keep trying to fatten you up!

You are slowly transitioning from newborn clothes to 0-3 month ones. Most of your newborn clothes are just too short for you. It’s fun that you have a whole new wardrobe you can start wearing with this new size of clothes, but it’s a little sad as the first wave of your clothes gets moved out of the dresser drawers to make way for bigger ones.

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