First Hike at Seven Weeks Old

Your cousins and Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Matt were going to visit us this weekend from Seattle. They’d planned to join us today up in Breckenridge. Unfortunately, your cousin Emmett got sick and they decided to play it safe and not come; we didn’t want to take any chances with exposing you to his germs. It was so considerate of them to think of you and your health, but we were disappointed they didn’t make the trip. They’re planning to reschedule it and come out in a couple weeks and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

So we’re in Breckenridge and the weather is unseasonably warm. Usually we’d still be snowshoeing, but all of our usual trails are muddy. So we opted for a hike up the Mine Trail. You slept the whole way there, awoke for a brief crying session at the very top (I guess you didn’t like the mine after all), and then slept on the way down. We’re hoping you really like hiking with us so that we can do a lot of hiking this summer. You and I both sure do get hot and sweaty with the wrap on, so I’m not sure how we’ll make it more comfortable for us in hotter weather. But we’ll figure it out!

Not so happy at the mine

Not really enjoying the view

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