Small and Tall

You had your two month checkup today and everything looks great. The doctor was really happy with your growth and set my mind at ease about how much weight you’ve been gaining. You were exactly 10 pounds! When I asked her how much weight you should be gaining for the next two months she told me to stop obsessing about your weight and didn’t even give me an answer. She said you’re doing so good and she just wants me to stop being so worried about it. So that is great news and I already feel better and more confident about how much you’re eating and gaining. You’re in about the 25 percentile for weight and head size but about 75 percentile for length; you’re a long, skinny little girl.

You had to get your shots today. This is something I really stressed over and researched a lot about, but in the end we opted to have you get all of the recommended immunizations. So you had to get three shots and one oral vaccine. Your dad held you and you actually handled it really well, crying during the shots but you calmed down before we’d even left the room. I was worried that you’d be fussy the rest of the afternoon, but you fell right asleep and enabled me to run some errands. Tonight, however, you were really really unsettled and unhappy. You were crying and even when you’d nod off you’d continue to sob. This went on for hours. You only had a slight fever, but we didn’t know if we should give you the medicine the doctor recommended or not. I was so scared to give it to you in case you’d have an allergic reaction, and I really just don’t like giving you medicine at all. Anyway, finally we gave it to you and within 15 minutes you settled down and fell asleep. I was worried that when it wore off in 3-4 hours you’d wake up again and be really fussy again, but you slept through the night and woke up your happy, content usual self. Thank goodness! I am not looking forward to all the future immunizations you have to get, but at least for now we know the medicine seems to help take the edge off.

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