To the Mountains

We headed up to Beaver Creek today for a fun weekend in the mountains. This was your father’s Valentine’s Day present and we were excited to get away for a little escape. This was your longest road trip and you did great. We stopped halfway there so I could feed you (and shop a little), but you slept most of the way there.

Also during our stop your dad and I grabbed some lunch, and you had on your Cardinals bib. In honor of the beginning of the baseball season, and your cuteness in the bib, I texted the picture to your grandpa Stephans, Uncle Denny, and Katy – all huge Cardinals fans. They loved it!

All smiles for the Cards

Also at lunch you started batting at the little elephant that hangs from your car seat. You hit it a few times and you were so entertained by it. This is the first time you’ve done that.

Playing with the pink elie

We went for a big walk with you and the dogs around the lake in Beaver Creek, and you did great despite the chilly wind. Tonight we went out to dinner tonight at our favorite restaurant and you did amazing, not making one peep the entire time. The waitress loved looking at you and commenting on how cute and good you were. We had such a fun day with you!

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