We Survived Your First Warehouse Sale

Today was the first day of the Title IV warehouse sale. Title IV is a women’s sports and outdoor clothing store, and the warehouse sale is supposed to have amazing deals. The sale started today at 9 am. I had thought if we got there right when it opened we’d maybe avoid the crowds. Instead, arriving at opening time put us there with literally hundreds of other bargain-hunting, competitive women. It was literally chaos. About 30 seconds after walking in I realized I’d made new mom mistake number one; trying to navigate through a really crowded space with your huge stroller. The only benefit of the stroller was that I could pile all my findings in the stroller around you. This seemed like a great strategy, until I looked down and you were happily gnawing away at a hat I’d put in there.

We worked our way slowly to the back of the store and I started pondering what the line would be like to try on clothes. It was about this time that I looked and realized that the line to pay went all the way through the store, from front to back, and out the back door! It would have taken probably an hour to get through that line. I knew neither you nor I had the patience for that, so I quickly offloaded all of my findings (including one slightly damp hat) and we cut our losses and strolled out of there. So, I’m happy to say that we survived your first warehouse sale, although I’m not sure if I’d call it a success or not. I think your father probably would consider it a success since we didn’t buy anything (which, incidentally, is why I’m likely to call it a failure). Hopefully our next shopping adventures are less chaotic and more fruitful; I trust as time goes on we’ll perfect this hobby.

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