Trying to Find a Nanny

Your dad and I are needing to really focus on finding a great daycare situation for you. I go back to work full-time in about a month. We’re hoping to find a nanny or a nanny share for you for a couple days a week, and your nana will also watch you a couple days a week. Yesterday we met with a lady and her 6 month daughter and their nanny. They’re wanting to find another baby to join them in a nanny share. We liked them and it is a possibility for now. They live in north Boulder and are quite a drive away, so that is the main disadvantage. It would be neat, though, for you to have someone a few months older than you to learn from and play with.

Tonight we went out with Kristen and Greg and their baby girl, Isla. We met her mom in prenatal swim class, and Isla was born two days before you. In fact, they were getting checked out of the hospital when we were getting wheeled from the surgery room to recovery and we passed right by them. They are wanting to do a nanny share also, so we met to talk with them about it. They would be a great match because we really like them and because Isla is so close in age with you. They want to do the nanny share Tues-Thur and we’d been thinking we’d prefer to have your nana watch you Tues-Wed, so we need to figure that out.

Dinner with Isla and her parents

We’re also interviewing a nanny on Monday. She sounded great on the phone and has lots of experience, but she doesn’t have a car. It’s like every situation so far is almost perfect but not quite. We’ll keep looking until we find something that is just right for all of us. It’s nice that your dad works so close to home and will come home every day at lunchtime to check on you, and I will still work from home a couple of days a week. So really, we won’t be away from you very much.

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