Happy Birthday Uncle Brett

Today is your Uncle Brett’s birthday. I was talking with your nana today and she started reminiscing about this day 45 years ago and how she was sitting in the hospital with her little boy. She said she was so happy and just couldn’t believe how perfect he was. Now after having you, I understand exactly what she felt. However, my experience was so different than hers, because your papa was in Vietnam when your uncle was born, and your mom had to go through pregnancy and labor all alone. I can’t even imagine how she did it without her husband by her side. I bet it made Brett’s arrival that much more special.

Today we had a soccer BBQ at our house (following the first win that you’ve ever witnessed by our team; it’s been a rough season). Everyone on the team enjoyed holding you and you had fun with all the company. You had on your little ‘Other United’ onesie and matched your dad and I.

Other United shirts

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