One Lucky Mama

You and your dad gave me two presents today. One present he said was from you for my birthday – an early present. It was a Kindle Fire and I’m so excited to use it at night when I’m feeding you to read books, browse online, play games, etc. The second present was from your dad and it was a late push present. A push present is a present given by a new father to the mother after the birth of a child. I’d wanted to get a ring to commemorate your birth, something that I could wear often that would always remind me of you. I’d been looking for the perfect ring, and I found one a couple of weeks ago and showed it to your dad. He surprised me with it today! It is so pretty and has a light pink stone in it which reminds me of my little baby girl. Someday I’ll give this ring to you, maybe after the birth of your first little girl.

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