Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today you took your first flight, and it was a big one! It was a seven hour flight from Denver to Kauai. But being the lucky girl that you are, you got to accompany your mom in first class! You did amazing, far exceeding my expectations. You slept a lot, were awake but happy for some of it, and fussy for just the last little bit. Around hour 6 you were over it (as were all of the adults on the flight also) and your dad and I stood with you (trying to get you to cheer up) and chatted in the area between first class and regular class (your dad didn’t get upgraded, but did benefit from the beers that I had sent back to him!). Soon Booey (Lia’s now-husband) and another couple flying out for the wedding came up and chatted. Everyone wanted to help you be happier and to chat about the trip; it was lots of fun!

Just landed in Kauai

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