Sleeping While Sightseeing

Today your dad and I decided to drive up Waimea Canyon. On the way we stopped at Spouting Horn to watch the water shoot out of a hole; you were awake but didn’t seem too impressed.

Awake at Spouting Horn

Then we stopped at multiple lookouts in Waimea Canyon to enjoy the view and take some pictures. You were asleep at every single lookout, so your dad had fun taking pictures of you ‘enjoying’ the scenery.

Sleeping for Viewpoint 1

Sleeping for Viewpoint 2

Sleeping for Viewpoint 3 (with mom)

Sleeping for Viewpoint 4

Tonight we went to a welcome party hosted by Lia’s parents. They held the party so that all of the wedding guests could meet each other before the big event. We had lots of fun and you were so cute in your tropical dress, though you slept most of the party.

Sleeping through the Welcome Party

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