Baby Paraphernalia

Today we went shopping with nana at another warehouse sale, and this time I bought a hiking backpack for hikes with you. I am so excited for you to be big enough so that we can take you on big hikes. It has a sun shade and a rain flap and is going to be perfect. I can’t wait!

Earlier today you were in your bouncy chair and you fell asleep. Many people have told us that the bouncy chair was a savior for them, entertaining and placating their children when nothing else could. For you it was helpful when you were really little, but lately it only seems to entertain you for a few minutes. We use it more as a place to set you while we quickly grab a bite to eat or wash our hands, but we know you won’t be happy in it for very long. Today I sat you in it and was checking my email when suddenly your ‘talking’ stopped, and I looked and you’d fallen asleep. who knows, maybe this will be your new favorite napping location.

Bouncy chair naptime

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