One Year Ago = One Life-changing Day

It was one year ago today that we found out we were pregnant with you! It was such a special day, and I had so much fun sharing the news with your dad. From that day forward we were living in anxious anticipation of the day we would get to meet you and pondering how our life was going to change. It’s been such a great year, and if all of my future years are even half as amazing as this past one, I’ll be blessed with a wonderful, happy life.

We’re pregnant!

Today we had lunch with our friend Katy, and then Ann Marie arrived this evening! I’ve been so excited for her to visit, knowing that you and she would be instant friends. I’ve known Ann since virtually the day I was born. Our parents remember passing me back and forth over the fence when I needed a diaper change during playtime with each other. Ann is such a sweet, fun, smart, creative, goofy, amazing friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life, and now in yours! When she first saw you tonight you were asleep, but when you woke up you looked right at her and gave her a big smile, like she’s a trusted, close friend you’ve known forever.

Ann getting her first glimpse of you!

Lunch with Katy

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