A Busy Memorial Day

Today your nana, dad, Ann and myself ran in the Bolder Boulder. Your papa watched you then brought you to the stadium for the Memorial Day ceremony. Your dad and I have done the race every year for many years, and last year I even did it with you in my belly! But this year was tough for me since I’m not back to my usual shape after having you. But your dad ran with me and kept encouraging me, and I ran the whole time and was able to finish in under an hour, which was my goal.

Enjoying the Memorial Day ceremonies during your first visit to Folsom Field

After the race

At the Bolder Boulder Expo we got a Chick-fil-a stuffed animal for your Aunt Gretchen, because she loves that restaurant. Well you really seemed to like the toy and your papa and I took about 15 pictures trying to get one where you could read the little sign. Your papa thinks you could do advertising for Chick-fil-a with this picture!

Chick-fil-a model

This afternoon Ann’s brother and his family came over and we had a nice BBQ. During their visit I snapped these pictures of you and Ann; you really did seem to have so much fun with her!

Faces with Aunt Soapy

Loving your new friend

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