Soaking up the Snuggles

This is my last week at home with you before I return to work full-time next week. Although I’ve known my return to work was forthcoming, this week it’s really hit me that I’m not going to get to be the one during the week to pick you up after you wake-up from mid-day naps, or snuggle with you on the couch in the morning, or go for walks around the neighborhood each afternoon. I am really going to miss all our time together. I’m feeling disappointed that my return to work is occurring right now; you’re becoming so much more wakeful and engaged, happy and playful, observant and interactive. You’re becoming so fun!

I am grateful that I’ve been able to be home with you for your first four months of life, that we’ve gotten to have so much fun together and that I was able to be such a big part of your world for these early weeks. It really has been amazing to watch how much you change from day to day and to observe your never-ending discoveries of the world around you. I wish I could somehow work full-time and continue to be with you all day, every day. I do miss my work and am thankful that I have a job I enjoy that I am returning to, but I sure will miss our time together.

This week I’m trying to enjoy every moment with you and to snuggle just a little bit longer with you.

My Snuggle Buddy

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