Not the Best First Day

Well, we’ve settled on doing a nanny share with you two days a week. You’ll be going to Kristen’s and Greg’s house, and hanging out with their daughter, Isla. There are two nannies actually – a mom and a daughter. The mom (Nancy) will watch you on Wednesdays and the daughter (Rachel) will watch you on Thursdays. Your nana will watch you on Mondays and Tuesdays, and your dad and I will both watch you on Fridays.

So, today we decided we’d drop you off to hang out with Nancy and Isla for a few hours, just so that Nancy could get used to both of you and so that you could slowly get used to going there. Well, after about two hours Nancy called your dad and said you were really upset and had been crying inconsolably for almost an hour. Your dad came and picked you up, then you guys picked me up from where I was getting a massage. You were asleep, and you slept for another 30 minutes while we met up with your nana and papa for dinner. When you awoke you were in a happy mood.

You haven’t been sticking your tongue out for awhile, but it made an appearance tonight at dinner.

I am not sure why you were so upset at Kristen and Greg’s house. To date you have been a really adaptable, outgoing baby and I assumed you’d be fine with this new set-up. But your papa mentioned that it was a strange house and a strange person watching you, and of course that could be overwhelming. In fact that was your first time being left with someone other than your dad or me or your grandparents. Plus there was a strange baby there and you were offered a bottle, which you don’t often use. So given all that, I can understand how it’d be frightening for you.

I’ve been struggling with how to make this transition smoother for you. I hate knowing that you were there and so stressed out, and obviously if you continue being upset like that then we’ll have to figure something else out. But I’m hopeful that you’ll become comfortable there and even come to enjoy going there. I think it will be nice for you to have some socialization with another baby, the one-on-one time with a nanny, and for you to be able to avoid the germs of daycare. But we’re going to take this day by day and make sure that it works for you. Next week your dad and I will go and stay there with you for a few hours and see how you’re doing. Hopefully we can get you comfortable and happy there.

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