Daycare Attempt #2

Today was our second attempt at taking you to be looked after by the nanny. In order to help make it a smoother transition, I stayed with you for the morning to help you get more comfortable and confident with the nanny, the new surroundings, and your new baby friend. You did pretty good for the first couple hours, then both you and Isla seemed to be having a hard time settling down to take a nap, and you both reached meltdown stage at about the same time (which in turn triggered me to thank goodness for about the hundredth time that I did not have twins).

The nanny tried to console you both and was visibly flustered. She ended up taking Isla for a walk and I took you. Isla fell asleep and so did you. I think once we have a double stroller it will be much easier to handle you two in that situation; walking generally calms you both down.

I had to head home for some meetings and left you behind, with a message to of course call if there were any problems and I’d come right over. After the little bit of difficulties this morning I was fairly certain she’d call, but she did not. Your dad and I went to pick you up around 5 and the nanny said you did great – you took a bottle, played, and also took a great 2 hour nap. I’m so thankful you seem to be settling in. Tomorrow your dad will take you and hang out for another couple of hours to help you feel more comfortable.

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