Missing My Sidekick

You’ve been my trusty companion these last few months, a little sidekick that accompanied me virtually everywhere I went. At first it was different to get used to always having you in tow, but now, whenever you are not with me, I feel like something’s missing and I feel frantic for a second, like I’ve left you accidentally behind. When I’m driving and you’re not in the car, I look in the back to get a glimpse of your sweet face looking back at me, and instead I am often startled to see the movements of my arm shifting the car, reflected in the mirror. At home, I am so used to tiptoeing around when you’re asleep, that as I’ve been working at home today I keep trying to be quiet and wondering when you’re going to wake up, only to remember you’re not here.

I’ve gotten pretty used to having my little sidekick always around, and it sure does feel strange now to be without you. I realize that as time goes on our separations will unfortunately, though necessarily, grow. I will have to be at work, or go on trips, and we’ll have to spend not only hours but even days apart. And eventually, someday, you’ll go to preschool, then elementary school and playdates with friends. It’s all a part of life; being so close to each other, you so dependent on me, and then you gradually relinquishing your dependency on me. This is just the first tiny step of your life’s progression towards independence. But for now, and for awhile into the future, you’re still going to be my little sidekick most of the time, and I’m going to relish it.

2 thoughts on “Missing My Sidekick

  1. I had a moment of panic like this the other day. Andrew had stayed with my in-laws and I made a run to Costco. It made me SO SAD to look at the empty basket seat in the cart. I was like, “Who am I going to talk to while I shop????”

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