A Lumber-jacking, Rolling Kind of Day

Today we had a nice day at home.

Too cute!

We went for a long walk around the neighborhood, then your dad and grandpa decided to remove the two dead aspen trees in our backyard. They rented a chainsaw, and I even got in on the action. Your grandma held you while we were working, and she said you were intrigued watching us. Your dad noted that I had so much fun with the chainsaw and he wondered if I wanted one for Christmas. No thanks!


Watch out – here comes dad with a chainsaw!

Getting ready to do some more sawing

Also today your dad went in to pick you up from a nap and you were lying on your belly in your crib; you’d rolled over! You’ve been rolling front-to-back for over two months, and I’ve seen you roll back-to-front a couple of times but only after many minutes of wiggling around. But this was the first time that we’ve found you like this after a nap. And then this afternoon we were outside sitting on a blanket with your grandma, and I put you on your back and you immediately rolled over to your belly. You seem to have this move perfected!

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