Some Special Men in Your Life

Today we were lucky to get to celebrate Father’s Day with not only your dad, but also your two grandfathers. We had a nice brunch at Chautauqua Dining Hall and you looked so cute in a new yellow sundress and headband. Your papa had so much fun holding you and walking around with you. We kept trying to get him to let us hold you or to put you in the stroller so that he could eat, but he kept turning down our offers; he was happiest just getting to be with you and he could’ve cared less about the food.

Dad and Granddad x2

Headband-as-eye mask

I’m so thankful that you get to have these amazing men in your life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to meet either of my grandfathers, and so I think it is so special that you’ll get to have relationships with both of yours. Between them and your dad and uncles, you really do have some amazing men in your life. They have all served as great examples to me of how to balance hard work with dedication to family and friends while incorporating ample amounts of relaxation and adventure, and they’ll be great role-models for you too.

One of the many really fun aspects of having you over these past few months has been watching your dad seamlessly become a dad, and a great one at that. He’s so sweet, loving and patient with you, and he’s very lively and creative when it comes to playtime. He does lots of research into various types of products before we purchase them for you (and this week he’s even started looking into preschools for you!), all so that we can ensure we’re getting the very best. He loves you so much.

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