Meeting your Aunt, Uncle and Cousin

Today we flew to Reno and you got to meet your uncle Brett, aunt Jen, and cousin Kyle. Your uncle picked us up at the airport and ran from the car to meet us. I knew he wasn’t running to see your father or me; he couldn’t wait to get his first glimpse of you. Kyle was there also and just couldn’t wait to see you. He sat in the back with you and just watched you all the way to their house.

On the plane and ready for your second trip

Once we arrived at Brett and Jen’s house Jen came out to meet you. They have been anxiously awaiting meeting you. We all went inside and everyone got to hold you and look at you. Your cousin had a bag of gifts for you that he could not wait to give you. He and Sandy, Jen’s mom, picked out a bunch of cute clothes and even a pair of shoes for you. They all love you so much already; they’ve loved your for months, even before they met you.

Aunt Jen meeting you for the first time

Cousins – the first time you met. You’re eating one of the shoes Kyle gave you.

The first time Uncle Brett held you

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