Second Cousin

Last night we stayed with your dad’s cousin, Chris, and one of my best friends, Christina. It is so neat that a good friend of mind married a cousin of Jeff’s, and it’s been fun that we’re all now related. They have a little girl, Avery, and another baby is on the way. I looked up the relation before, but I think you and Avery (and the new baby) are second cousins. Anyway, they were all so excited to meet you, and Avery was so cute with you. She’s going to be a great big sister.

You and Avery having a first look at each other

This afternoon we loaded up the boats and kayaked into the Emerald Bay Boater’s Camp. Your nana and papa hiked down with you and you slept the whole way. We’re excited for our first camping adventure with you!

Your dad and cousin Chris hanging out at Emerald Bay

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