Five Months

Today is your five month birthday, and you welcomed the day by sleeping eight hours straight! Your dad and I couldn’t believe it; this is the most consecutive sleep we’ve had in exactly five months. We’re literally astonished at how great you’re sleeping here. We did a lot of research trying to figure out where to put you to sleep at night. A lot of people recommend a pack-n-play, but we just couldn’t fathom bringing one camping. We ended up buying a Phil and Ted’s travel nest and putting it between us, and it was perfect. Your dad and I have been joking that maybe we need to set up the tent at home and start sleeping in it.

We also struggled with what to dress you in at night since the temperatures were going to be in the forties. We put a onesie on you, then a footed onesie over that, and finally put you in a fleece sleep sack. We topped it all off with a little cotton cap on your head. Apparently it was the perfect ensemble.

Your sleep ensemble

All bundled up and enjoying the view from the tent while your dad and I pack up

Today we packed up and headed out of the camp. I boated out and your dad hiked out with you and met me at Baldwin Beach. Then we headed over to your grandma and grandpa Stephan’s cabin in Marla Bay. We put you in your patriotic swimsuit and walked down to the beach. You were irresistibly, impossibly cute. People couldn’t contain their amusement at seeing you in your outfit, and so we had lots of people stopping to chat and look at you.

Fourth of July, Five Month Old Beach Baby

We came back to the cabin and your father helped me with the requisite ‘birthday’ photo shoot. You were holding a little flag and you had a tutu on, and seemed to be having the time of your life rolling around and waving the flag.

Five months old

So much fun with the flag

Can’t keep still

One more picture, too cute to resist

Tonight I was tired from the kayak trip out and the day in the sun, and I thought going to bed early sounded infinitely better than watching fireworks, so I stayed with you and we went to bed. Your first firework viewing will have to wait for next year.

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