Beach By Day, JT By Night

Today we had a nice day relaxing on the beach. Your dad and I got to sail a bit, but mostly we just enjoyed lounging around with you.

Posing on the Beach

Relaxing with dad at Marla Bay

Our little family on the beach

This afternoon we headed down to the Carson Valley, where your dad grew up. We ate at the JT, a fun Basque restaurant and bar known for its good food, strong Picon drinks, and interesting characters and decor. Your dad’s grandpa even has his cowboy hat hung on the wall there! You fit right in; you had no clothes on! When we were at the lake we gave you a bath and you got really fussy while we were getting you dressed, so we decided to give up on the task for the time being and we stuck you in your carseat and headed down to the valley. We figured you’d wake up before dinner and we’d get you dressed then. But you didn’t wake up! Finally we decided we needed to head to dinner before it got to late, and you slept through the entire dinner.

Naked dining at the JT

After dinner, once you finally woke up and had some clothes on, you played on a little rocking horse at your grandparent’s house. Your dad had to hold you, but someday soon it’ll be just the right size for it. You seemed mildly interested in it and I think you were mostly trying to keep your balance while it was moving back and forth.

Riding the pony

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