Three Cousins – An Image Recreated

Tonight we had so much fun meeting the little girls of some of my cousins. Cale and Dorothy have Logan, who is a little over one year old, and although they live in Denver we only just met Logan for the first time tonight. She is so cute and big, walking around with the support of her parents and feeding herself. Then we met Ian and Sarah’s little girl, Francesca. She was born almost two months after you, and they all live in California, so this was also the first time we met her. Sarah and I had lots of communications with each other commiserating about the pregnancy experience while we were waiting for you two to arrive. And since neither of us found out the sex of the baby ahead of time, we had lots of fun wondering and sharing the anticipation together. So it was really special to meet everyone tonight.

Sarah has an old picture of the moms of the three cousins (me, Cale, and Ian) holding all of us when we are probably about the same age as you are now. It is such a cute picture, with Cale crying in one and Aunt Donna looking startled, then with Ian looking so happy and me looking around curiously. It’s the first baby picture of myself that I’ve seen since you’ve been born, and I do see a lot of resemblance to you.

Me, Ian, and Cale – Thanksgiving 1977

Anyway, Sarah wanted to recreate the picture. So all the moms sat down, in the same order as that original, 35-year old or so picture, and held our little ones and took many pictures. Everyone was pretty content in the pictures, but in many of them you are reaching out towards Francesca. You are displaying the curiosity and outgoing personality that is so representative of you. I love that this picture captures you perfectly, and I wonder if someday you’ll recreate it.

Three moms and three (second) cousins

Three cousins and their little ladies

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