A Very Special Day

Today was your baptism, and it was so special to have family and friends there to support you. You wore a baptism gown that is at least 70 years old; your papa wore it as did your Uncle Kyle, cousin Kyle and myself. Uncle Brett didn’t get to wear it because he was born while papa was in Vietnam, and by the time papa got back, Brett no longer fit in it. It is a very special gown and I was so happy you fit in it and were able to wear it. You also wore a cute handkerchief bonnet and you were just so cute. You did pretty good at the beginning of the service, and luckily the baptism was scheduled early on. I was wondering how you’d react to the pastor pouring the water on your head, but you didn’t really respond at all to it. After the baptism you got fussy (the organ was really loud, so I blame it at least partially on that) so you and I left and went to the nursery. You had fun playing in there for a bit, then your aunt Jen came and got you. She of course worked her baby whisperer magic and you fell right asleep. After the service we took lots of pictures; you slept through it all.

Awake, smiley, and ready for the baptism

Your Godparents

The Kandt Family

The Stephans Family

Time for a snooze after the baptism

Afterward Brett and Jen hosted a wonderful reception for you at their house. The food and drinks were great and it was so nice to be able to hang out with all of our family and friends; it just felt so neat to have everyone there to show their love and support for you. You received lots of nice books and such a beautiful, handmade quilt from Jen. It is something you will have and cherish forever.

Playing with grandma at the reception

The three of us

Everyone who wore the baptism gown

Your post-baptism party dress

Loving the amazing quilt from aunt Jen

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