Sick Friends

Today we’d planned to meet Liz and John and their two girls for dinner at the Sun. They texted a few minutes before we were to meet them saying that one of their girls had just got sick on the drive to Boulder, and they had to turn around and head home. I felt so bad for them and hope their daughter feels better soon. I am dreading all of the germs you’ll be exposed to as you start interacting more and more with other children, and I am hopeful that you’ll have good immunity and won’t get sick very often. It seems though, like no matter what we do or how careful we are or healthy you generally are, you’re going to get sick. I already know from this little cold that you’ve been fighting that this is going to be really hard. Especially while you’re so little and fragile and uncommunicative. Somehow it seems like it’ll be a little easier to deal with when you can tell us what is wrong and we can communicate with you what we’re doing to help you get better. But until then I’ll keep nursing you to keep your immunity strong and we’ll try to minimize your exposure to sick kids.

Hanging out at Southern Sun

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