Missing Firsts

Today when we got home from work your nana told us that she got you to giggle. You have been smiling for a few months, and when you’re really happy you hold out your arms and legs and squeal with joy. But you haven’t ever really laughed or giggled. We couldn’t believe we’d missed it! We all acted goofy and tried to get you to giggle, but we didn’t succeed. It’s sad when we miss some of your ‘firsts’. We also missed your first swinging adventure! The nanny walks you every day to the neighborhood park, and she informed us that she put you in the bucket swing, padded it up with some blankets (since you didn’t come close to filling it up) and gently pushed you. She said you love it. Your dad and I plan to take you swinging soon, so we can experience your reaction to it ourselves. I know that there’s no way around it and that we will unfortunately miss some of your first experiences with things, but we’re trying our very hardest to minimize our time away from you and to maximize your exposure to lots of different things, even though sometimes that exposure necessarily occurs when you’re not with us.

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