Napping with Papa

Last night your nana and papa volunteered at Chautauqua and then stayed here afterward. This morning you were getting fussy and sleepy, and needed a nap. I asked your papa if he wanted to rock you and read to you and try to get you to sleep, and he jumped at this chance to be with you. I went in my office to do some work and came out to check on you two in a little bit. You’d fallen asleep on his lap and he was rocking you; he looked so happy and peaceful. I went back into my office and kept working, and came out an hour or so later. He was still there, happily rocking away with you.

When you finally awoke after about two hours I was talking with him and said that he could have laid you down in your bed. He said, “I know, but I don’t ever get to spend any time alone with her. This was the longest I’ve ever got to hold her.” He seemed so satisfied to have gotten to start off his day with snuggles with you. If you ask me, that’s the perfect way to start any day!

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