Half Year Birthday

Today is your six month birthday. We started the day with a visit to the doctor for your checkup. While we were waiting for the doctor we realized that it was a Saturday, the same day you were born, and it was almost the time you were born, so we had fun thinking about how exactly six months ago, in the same building, we were about to meet you.

Six months young – I had a hard time getting a good picture because you kept grabbing and eating your ‘6 Month’ sticker

When the doctor came in and was examining you she used two of the same three words as last time to describe you – curious and active – and this time the third word was interactive. She said multiple times that your activity level and interaction is like that of a nine-month old. She said you look great! You’re growth in length has slowed; you’re now in the 65th percentile for length. And you’re still in just the 10th percentile for weight. You got your shots and were really upset by those today. I nursed you immediately after and you settled and then fell asleep.

Too many shots!

We then went to enjoy a nice (late) anniversary brunch at Turley’s. Afterwards we ran some errands, ending at the toy store to get you some toys for your half birthday. You have become so active and engaged that I worry that you’re bored with the toys and activities we do so frequently with you; I struggle with how to keep you challenged and entertained. You really seem to like to pound on things, with toys, spoons, anything. So I wanted to get you a little piano or drums. We found a neat wooden xylophone and also got you a few other toys.

This afternoon you clearly were not feeling well as a result of the shots; you had a fever and were a bit fussy. You actually were doing pretty well compared to how you were after your two-month shots, but it was obvious you weren’t in a feeling great. Nana and papa came over to wish you a happy half birthday, and they enjoyed watching you while we cooked dinner. Then we all watched the Olympics.

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