Daycare Debate

About a month ago we got a call that an opening had become available for two days a week at the daycare we’d put our names on the waitlist for when you were born. We hadn’t anticipated this; we already have a pretty good routine and situation going with the nannies and your nana watching you. But we decided we’d go check it out just to keep our options open. We went a few weeks ago, and there were many aspects of it that were appealing. There are eight babies and two adults. The babies always move up to the next classroom as a group, and so do the teachers, so everyone gets to know each other really well. They do a lot of developmental activities with the kids, and they get them outside multiple times a day for playtime and walks.

We are struggling with what is best for you. We really like the fact that in the nanny share it is one adult to two babies and we think that, given this ratio, you are likely getting more attention than you would at the daycare. We feel like we’re in a groove with this routine and schedule, and it seems to be working well. However, we worry that you might need some more interaction with other babies, especially because Isla is such a calm baby and you are so outgoing and active. We also like the fact that the daycare is open at 7 am, so on the rare days when we’d need to drop you off earlier, that is an option. But we’re uncertain about exposing you to the germs of a group daycare setting, and we’re not sure that you’d get the attention you need. We also can’t imagine how you’d nap in an environment with seven other little ones in the same room!

Your dad and I (and you) met with Kristen, Greg and Isla for beers and to just check in about how the nanny share is working. It was nice to catch up with them; we always seem to be rushing in and out of their house when we drop you off or pick you up. They seem content with the current arrangement, though they have a couple of things they want to bring up with the nannies, and we do too. So we’ve planned to try and chat with the nannies next week and then we’ll decide what to do about entering you into the daycare or continuing with the nanny share.

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