Ready for Food!

On our way up to Breckenridge today we stopped in Dillon for some drinks and an early dinner, and nana and papa met us there. The waiter brought us a highchair, which we usually turn upside down and set your carseat on. Today I decided we’d set you in the highchair the proper way and see if you’d be able to sit in it. You did great! We buckled you in and had to use a blanket behind you to help fill in the space and support you a little bit, but you are definitely highchair-ready! This will be great as we start to introduce solid foods.

Sitting in a highchair like a big girl

Tonight was your first real adventure with food, and we started you on rice cereal like the doctor suggested. It really was mostly milk with a little bit of cereal, but we had fun giving it to you with a spoon and watching your reaction. You actually didn’t react too much, though you really wanted to hold the spoon and suck on it. I’d basically dip the spoon in the cereal, more coating the spoon in the cereal than filling it up, and give it to you to suck and lick off. You had really good coordination with the spoon, getting it in your mouth on your first try more often than not. We’ll give you a meal a day of rice cereal for about a week, then we’ll start introducing other foods. And gradually we’ll start decreasing the milk proportion in the food so that it becomes thicker and thicker. This is going to be a fun and messy adventure!

Getting ready to eat

The first bite!

You wanted to feed yourself

All done

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