You Can Fly

A couple of months ago your dad started playing with you by holding you over his head and moving you about. One of the activities is called ‘The Sprinkler’, and he rotates you around in short bursts from one side to another, then smoothly rotates you back (you know, like a sprinkler!), all the while making sprinkler-like sounds. You are so cute when he does this, usually breaking into a smile.

He also holds you above his head and walks around the house (or yard) with you, like you’re flying. We often found ourselves singing ‘I believe I can fly…’ while he’s doing this, and before I knew it your dad had pulled up the R. Kelly song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and he was helping you fly all over the house with the song providing a musical background to the activity. I will forever think of you when I hear that song, and think of that song when I see your dad helping you fly.

Flying with dad

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