Your dad’s first word was banana. A rather tricky word for an infant’s foray into the English language, but he succeeded with it nonetheless. I can only imagine what a big impression the fruit must have made on him at such a young age for this word to trump the usual firsts of ‘dada’ or ‘mama’ as the first word he uttered.

Banana fan

You had your first banana tonight. You haven’t been a huge fan of rice cereal, and after giving it to you the requisite five days we decided we were ready to move on, and we deemed the banana a worthy second food to try. You really enjoyed it, eating down the entire bit that we had pureed for you and enthusiastically grabbing the spoon to try to assist in the eating process. You even kept grabbing your bib and licking off any rogue banana puree that had landed there. I think we have another banana lover in the family.

Enjoying the spoon

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