Nanny Chat

This evening we met with the nannies at Kristen’s and Greg’s house to chat about how everything has been going these past couple of months that they’ve been watching you. It was fun hearing from them about their two days a week they spend with you, and how much you’ve been growing and changing. Their experiences mirrored our own with you, filled with lots of stories about how active and engaged you are. They told a funny story about you and the stroller.

When we started the nanny share with Isla it was apparent we’d need a double stroller. Right when we were starting to look into buying one, nana and papa found one in Breckendridge, and it was free. It is in great shape although it’s missing the shade canopy on the front seat. Kristen and Greg rigged up a couple of poles by which the nannies can hang a blanket over to provide shade for the baby in the front. They said usually you’re in the front because the seat is smaller than the one in the back, and you’re the littler of you and Isla. But they said that it is entertaining because you love to work and pull down the blanket. They said you’re constantly trying to grab it and pull it down; you apparently just want to observe the world around you.

Anyway, we had a good conversation with the nannies and Kristen and Greg, and I think for now this daycare situation is working great. It’s going to be dramatically different over the next couple of months as you guys start to become more mobile and eventually start to crawl. We’ll just have to keep checking in with the nannies and making sure that they’re able to keep up with you two, and that you two are getting enough variety, challenge and activity each day.

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