Go Rockies!

Today you attended your first Rockies game. I am not much of a fan of baseball, but your dad is so fond of it that I have a hard time at least not attempting to not like it. He was so excited to take you to the game. We haven’t taken you to any sporting events yet, worried that the sounds are too loud for you, or not sure how to work the timing since most of them start in the evening. Today’s game started a little after 6. Your Uncle Brett came into town this afternoon, so we met him and your nana and papa at the game. At first you enjoyed taking in all the sights and sounds, but after about an hour you were tired and less than impressed (well, the score was 6-1 with the Rockies down…). We made a hasty exit around 7:45, and you were asleep within minutes of being secured in your car seat. I think for the immediate future, the day games will be the best timing for you.

You completely enthralled at the Rockies game

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