Today we were driving home from nana and papa’s house and Uncle Brett was in the back seat with you. He was keeping you company and entertaining you during the drive, and at some point he became focused on a conversation with us and lost track of your shenanigans. Out of nowhere he yelled, ‘Owwwwww!’, loud enough for your dad and I to turn around and investigate what was going on. Apparently, while he was engaged in conversation with us you were playing with his hand. You proceeded to pull his hand to your mouth and stuck a finger in there and gave it a good hard bite. Now that you have a couple of little teeth in there, combined with your already powerful jaw, you can deliver a surprisingly hard bite. It’s funny because this exact same thing happened to me this morning! We’ve always been careful not to let you gnaw on our fingers unless we’re sure they’re clean, but now we have even more reason to keep them away from you, you little finger eater.

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