Back to School

Today on your morning walk with your dad and furry brothers you saw all the neighborhood kids heading to school; today was the first day of school in Boulder. Your dad returned from your walk with stories of excited kids and anxious parents escorting their children to school. He even told me of a little boy who lives up the road and who hasn’t quite perfected bike riding yet. He clearly wanted to ride to school but wasn’t yet fully ready. His dad encouraged him to come into our cul-de-sac to practice before embarking on the adventure to school. I loved this story and the picture it evoked in my mind of a little boy so ready to head to school that even the fact that he couldn’t fully get himself there couldn’t dissuade him from trying.

All smiles after your morning walk (in your dalmatian onesie and monkey hat)

Today around the country friends of mine saw their children return to school, and Facebook was plastered with photos of kids in their first day of school outfits. Accompanying almost every one of these pictures was some variant of the phrase ‘Where does the time go?’. Just yesterday we walked with Uncle Brett around the neighborhood and up the road to Bear Creek Elementary School, where you’ll go in five short years. That milestone seems so amazingly far away, but I know that a time will come when I carefully choose an outfit for you to wear on your first day of school, I get you dressed up and packed and I photograph you endlessly, and send you off with a tear in my eye asking your dad, ‘Where did the time go?’. Just thinking about it is enough to get me teary-eyed. Luckily I have five years to find my resolve.

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