Scrunchy-Face, Almost-Crawling Bam Bam

One of the latest developments in the last week or so is that you’re making a scrunchy face when you’re really happy. It’s like just smiling or squealing doesn’t do justice to the joy that you feel, and you wrinkle up your face in an expression of your excitement. It is so cute.

So happy!

Another scrunchy face

Another development is that you’re almost crawling. You are so close! The problem (if I can even call it that) is that you are a very proficient wiggler/roller, and you can get anywhere you want to be by wiggling and rolling around. So, you haven’t yet had much of a need or desire to crawl. We have been encouraging you to crawl, placing items you desire just a little out of your reach. You stretch your body out and try to reach, and then wiggle and roll your way to the item. But a couple of days ago the object of your desire was Moguly. He was lying about two feet away, and you stretched yourself out towards him but couldn’t quite reach. Then, in what was your closest approximation to crawling yet, you sort of wiggled/army crawled on your belly over to him. Once there you grabbed his leg and tried to pull it towards you. Moguly, with his all of his patience combined with an over-abundance of laziness, didn’t move, but just pulled his leg away and laid it back down out of your reach. You kept wiggling closer, grabbing, pulling, and he kept pulling back. It was pretty entertaining for a bit, until Moguls finally had enough, got up, and left. But I think we found the thing to motivate you to crawl – Moguly!

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