Pounding Away

You love to bang and pound on things, so a few weeks ago your dad and I set out to find a piano for you at the toy store. We didn’t find a piano that was appropriate for your age, but we did find a neat wooden xylophone set, which inserted into a wooden box. On top of the box were three balls. The idea is that you could bang the balls with the little hammer that was included, and when the balls fell they’d hit the xylophone then roll down it, and out the box, all the while making sounds. This toy was for ages one year and older, but we figured we could play it with you, you could roll the balls around and hit things with the hammer, and eventually you’d get the hang of it as you got older. Well one night recently we got home from work and your nana casually mentioned that you knew how to play with the toy. We were so surprised as we hadn’t witnessed this yet. She sat you in front of it, gave you the hammer, and you whacked away until eventually you knocked out the first ball, then moved on to the second and then the last ball. Although you didn’t have the dexterity to hit it hard and get the ball free on your first hit, you displayed amazing strength and understanding of how the toy worked, and you were able to get the ball free in just a few attempts. We were really impressed!

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