Happy Labor Day!

We wandered around downtown Breckenridge today, walking through an art festival, eating, and popping into a few shops. You seemed to enjoy being out and about, though we’re discovering that you get antsy pretty quickly at restaurants. I think you’d rather be moving around and exploring, and you’re tempted by all of the items on the table just begging for you to play with and taste. You love to pound whatever we give you onto the table, than throw it to the floor. We’re learning that we need to carry some string to tie the toys to the highchair!

This afternoon we took you swimming for only your second time, and again, you really seemed to enjoy it. We stayed in the water a bit longer than last time, and you were content the whole time. We’ve signed you up for swim classes and they start next week. I’m so excited to see what you think of them and what we learn.

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