Look Who’s Seven Months Old

You turned seven months old today, and this evening your dad and I were reminiscing how seven months ago we were spending our first night with you. We were exhausted from the long labor, but we were also savoring our first quiet, nighttime moments with you. The visitors had left, the doctors had stopped popping in, and aside from a nurse coming in to check on us every couple of hours, it was just the three of us. We even took our first family stroll that night. At the urging of friends who had previously had c-sections, as well as the nurses, we went for a walk around the hospital wing. This was no easy feat, as I had tubes connecting me to machines that I had to wheel around. In addition, this was our first ever experience of carefully holding you while walking around, an art form that is now second nature, but at the time seemed quite daunting. It’s amazing to think back to that first night – when you weren’t able to nurse, when I was in so much pain every time I moved, when merely handling and holding you tested my nerves, when we were exhausted and thought we’d never get a good night’s sleep again – to now.

Sitting Pretty at Seven Months

Loving the shoelace

It is shocking how much you have changed. You sleep through the night almost every night, sometimes sleeping for 12 hours straight. You are happy and giggly, curious and engaged at all times. You are an exceedingly proficient eater, gobbling up all solid foods we offer, and drinking more than we ever thought possible. You are an expert wiggler and roller, able to move anywhere you want via this method. You’re also rapidly perfecting sitting, and you can go from sitting, down to your belly, and back up with ease. While sitting, you are still a little wobbly and will plop over every once in awhile. I cannot even imagine what a workout it must be developing those abdominal muscles. And you’re starting to crawl. Every day you get closer and closer to crawling, better and more efficient at moving your tiny arms and legs to propel you across the floor. It is so fun to watch you learn this. But your preferred form of motion is still rolling: rolling from front to back, then folding in your arms and legs to sort of turn your body, then rolling to your belly to reassess your proximity to your item of desire, over and over until you reach it. As you’re in the early phases of crawling, you insert a long streeeeetch on your belly as you try to reach the item with your hands, then you move your legs and arms to try and get you there. Although sometimes you lift up your middle into ‘crawl’ position, you haven’t yet combined the lifting with the moving of the arms/legs, and so your beginner crawl is very much a belly crawl. It’s like you’re doing freestyle on the carpet.

Posing nicely

All smiles for the photo shoot

As you’re learning this new skill, we often try to challenge and entice you to crawl by moving objects just out of your reach, and sometimes even dragging them away as you get closer. You generally just keep on trying to get to it, a repeating cycle of rolling, wiggling, stretching, reaching. Very rarely do you get frustrated at this seemingly never-ending process, and you cry out. At that we give you the object, scoop you up and shower you in congratulatory kisses. We’re so proud of your determination and hard work to get what you’re after and to hone this new skill.

Can’t sit still for long

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