Isla, the baby in your nanny-share, has purportedly been saying ‘mama’ for weeks. Her mom told me that Isla calls for her when they lay her down in the crib, or when she’s hungry. I was skeptical. Although maybe she is saying ‘mama’, I doubted that she actually connects it with wanting her mom. But then this week the nanny confirmed that she is saying ‘mama’, and meaning it; she told me that towards the end of the day Isla often gets cranky and just wants her mom, and she repeats ‘mama’ over and over.

The last few days you are saying ‘mamamamama’ over and over. I don’t think you associate it with me at all, but you’re having fun exploring these new sounds that have been introduced to you by your friend. It’s fun watching you experiment with sounds, especially these vowel ones that sound more and more like real words.

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