Yellow Squash

We’ve been continuing to introduce you to new foods, and we haven’t found one that you won’t eat. You’ve had these foods, introduced in this order: rice cereal (your least favorite), banana, avocado, sweet potato, pear, zucchini, yellow squash. We introduced the yellow squash tonight, and again, you gobbled it all up. When we first start feeding you, you pucker your lips and want us to put a little dab on there for you to try. You often make a funny face as you experience the taste, but you usually you’re your mouth wide and ask for more. Sometimes, and usually in the middle of a feeding, you’ll make a funny face, like you’ve been given something really sour, and then just as quickly as the face appears, it disappears, you swallow down the food, and you open your mouth up for more. We keep trying to capture this on video, but we haven’t yet succeeded.

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